Same Sex Marriage Harper

The Left Fully Succumbs to Harper Derangement Syndrome (HDS)

J.J. McCullough | Posted 04.03.2012 | Canada Politics
J.J. McCullough

Much as Canadians like to self-righteously assert that our politics are significantly more substantial and mature than those practiced down south, the Canadian left has a persistent inability to bash Harper for anything but the most specious and invented charges.

Government's "Fix" for Gay Marriage? Just Support It

Irwin Cotler | Posted 04.03.2012 | Canada Politics
Irwin Cotler

Until the Government briefly refused to recognize a same-sex marriage, its position had been that gay marriages are valid. The only thing that needs to be "fixed" is that a court decree should be sought making plain that this couple -- and by extension others similarly situated -- are in fact validly married.

Shame on Media: Harper Has No Hidden Agenda about Gay Marriage

Supriya Dwivedi | Posted 03.17.2012 | Canada Politics
Supriya Dwivedi

The Globe and Mail demonstrated the sad state of Canadian news reporting in a story about a lesbian couple seeking a divorce, which was convoluted into an alleged reversal of federal policy pertaining to same sex marriage.