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Premier Brad Wall Wins Third Majority In Saskatchewan

CP | Jennifer Graham, The Canadian Press | Posted 04.05.2017 | Canada Politics

Polls throughout the campaign had suggested the popular Wall would defeat the rival NDP for the third time since 2007.

Saskatchewan NDP Needs to Reclaim Its Legacy to Regain Power

Steve Lafleur | Posted 01.09.2012 | Canada Politics
Steve Lafleur

The NDP ran a campaign characterized by placating its union base. However, if the NDP wants to avoid becoming a permanent protest party, they need to expand their appeal beyond staunch NDP supporters. In order to do this, they should take a page from their party's policy playbook during the 1990s.

What A Brad Wall Victory In Sask. Will Mean For Ottawa

The Huffington Post Canada | Eric Grenier | Posted 01.04.2012 | Canada Politics

Saskatchewan will be voting on Monday and the polls indicate Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party will be re-elected. But will the results in the Prairie pr...