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Foodies Fuelling Social Innovation

It's an invasion. Don't panic. This one is all goodness. It's the foodies taking over the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub based in Vancouver. Five social enterprises have been accepted to the program, and now have an opportunity to grow their resources, reach and success.

Sex Counsellor Funding REJECTED

The Commerce Undergraduate Society at the University of British Columbia has rejected the hiring of a special sexual abuse counsellor in response to frosh week chants condoning rape. The university h...

Damage Control

VANCOUVER - The dean of commerce at the University of British Columbia has pulled his support for an annual first-year orientation event overt a chant endorsing non-consensual sex.The chant was allege...

UBC To Probe Pro-Rape Chant

VANCOUVER - Officials at the University of British Columbia say they will investigate reports that a chant endorsing non-consensual sex was recited during frosh week.A statement on the university's we...

Innovation Hub Propells B.C. Social Entrepreneurs

The Innovation Hub recently held the a conference featuring great speakers, panel conversations, and networking opportunities. The knowledge exchange was valuable, but it was shining the spotlight on the current cohort of companies calling the Hub home that proved to be the real highlight.