Sean Casey


The Fair Elections Act Is Not Fair at All

Last week, the Harper Conservatives introduced a Bill in Parliament to amend the Canada Elections Act. At first glance the title "Fair Elections Act" implies there is an effort to fix and correct some problems in order to protect the integrity of our electoral system. This Bill, however, is not fair; it is an attempt to provide an advantage to the Conservatives in the upcoming election and it is as an attack on the independence of Elections Canada.

MacKay Pressured To Drop The Hammer

OTTAWA - Federal Liberals are trying to drag Justice Minister Peter MacKay into the Senate expenses scandal, urging him to ensure no legal stone is unturned in the quest to prosecute all those involve...

Not Every Canadian Is Online, What About Their Mail?

Canadians living in urban centres will no longer be provided door to door mail service. While many of us, from across the age spectrum, use the Internet, not all Canadians are "online." I am troubled by the government's decision to choose "cuts" rather than innovation to adapt to technological change. Like so many other cuts to government jobs and services, the Conservatives continue to emasculate the presence and role of the federal government, and in doing so, they loosen the threads that bind us together.

American Cops in Canada: Where is the National Debate?

Armed American police officers will now be able to stop Canadians, in Canada, inspecting, checking and asking questions. The Conservatives will tell us that an armed American cop in Canada is all about trade, jobs and security, not sovereignty. If this is true, then can we not expect to see Mounties stopping Americans on the Buffalo side? I don't believe Canadians want American police operating and carrying guns in Canada. It's just not right. Harper did promise though that when he's done, we won't recognize Canada. Perhaps we can all reminiscence about that when stopped and questioned by an American police officer, in our own country.

Liberals Try To Delay Crime Bill

Liberal MPs are invoking a procedural delay on the Conservatives' omnibus crime bill, debating a change to the proposed package of justice reforms that would end its passage through the House of Commo...