Second Career


It's Never too Late to Change Careers

What does a university dean's resumé look like? I would guess that most have diverse leadership experience in a number of varied roles. My own work history includes stints as a barista, psychologist, professor, corporate executive and politician -- to name just a few of the hats I've worn during my career.

Six Ways Continuing Education Can Close Canada's Skills Gap

Ask an employee from just about any industry in Canada, and they'll tell you: there is a huge gap between the training required to move up the career ladder and the training provided by their employers. While 71 per cent of employers agree they have a responsibility to provide career management programs for their employees, only 29 per cent actually offer them.

REBOOT: Dealing with the Quiet After Leaving Your Job

How could I have walked away from a honking big salary for the second time in not better than a year? Now there are no phones ringing, no Jocelyn, my old EA, standing in the doorway telling me about the back- to-back meetings that I would be enduring that day. Nothing. Just more quiet. And more fear -- of failure, of success and of just getting my slash career started

Second Careers: How to Make Yours a Success

Take all the time you need to make yourself as competitive and well-connected as possible before looking for work or launching your business. If you've done your financial homework beforehand, you'll know how long your money will last before you make your move.