Senate Controversy


Why Fixing The Senate Feels Impossible

OTTAWA - Revelations from Mike Duffy's fraud trial and a looming audit report on the expense excesses of his fellow senators will doubtless fuel demands for an overhaul or outright abolition of Canada...

Will Bad Publicity From the Senate Controversy Be Harper's Undoing?

Back in June Canadians were more likely to say they would judge the Prime Minister based on his economic stewardship rather than his handling of the Senate expense controversy. Four months later, Canadian opinion has flipped. Fifty one per cent of Canadians said the Senate expense controversy was more important than his record in promoting an environment for job creation.

Bank Records Sought By RCMP

RCMP investigators have filed affidavits seeking banking information for Patrick Brazeau and Mike Duffy, senators who are under investigation for fraud and breach of trust. Both men were chosen to se...

The Real Senate Scandal Is the System

For all its excellent policy work (I can say that now, having finally read quite a lot of it!), the Senate, I am sorry to tell you, is a medieval nightmare when it comes to its internal administration. This is not because of any evil intent or incompetence. It is because the Senate is a political institution born in a different age.

You Have 30 Days Fellas

OTTAWA - The Senate expenses scandal deepened Thursday with the RCMP confirming it has now launched a formal investigation into the involvement of Nigel Wright, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former...

Senator Owes $231,000?!

Senator Mac Harb owes about $230,000 in expenses claimed improperly, the outgoing chair of the Senate's internal economy committee says. Conservative Senator David Tkachuk told the CBC's Laurie Graham...

Tories Toast Duffy

OTTAWA - The Harper government is praising Conservative Sen. Mike Duffy for showing "leadership" in the Senate expenses scandal.But Liberals say the Conservatives are protecting one of their own, tipp...