Senator Patrick Brazeau


Patrick Brazeau Going To Rehab

Suspended senator Patrick Brazeau was released on bail after facing assault and cocaine charges and he is required to enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre within the next 72 hours. Brazeau...


Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau has been kicked out of the Tory caucus. “In light of the serious nature of the events reported today, Senator Brazeau has been removed from the Conservative Caucus...

Brazeau's Questionable Housing Perk

The government's leader in the Senate says she's asked the committee in charge of spending rules to look at whether Patrick Brazeau is illegitimately collecting a housing allowance. According to a me...

Explain Your Absence

The government leader in the Senate has asked the Standing Senate Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration for a review of the rules about attendance in the upper chamber, days after...

Patrick Brazeau: Not the First Nor Last Lazy Senator

Senator Patrick Brazeau took to Twitter to insult a Canadian Press journalist after she published a story highlighting his lack of attendant in the senate. In the 1990s, the Conservative Party promised to reform the Senate while the NDP promised to abolish it all together if they ever formed future Canadian governments. Since those days, very little reform has taken place.