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Helping the Old Die at Home

Lindsay Jolivet | Posted 12.15.2012 | Canada Impact
Lindsay Jolivet

Most seniors say they want to die at home. However, about half of seniors are dying in hospitals. Given the numbers, it seems a daunting task to grant a senior's wish to die at home. Dr. Louise Coulombe set out to meet that challenge when she founded a home care palliative care practice in Ottawa.

We Respect Our iPhones More Than Our Elders

Avrum Rosensweig | Posted 07.05.2012 | Canada
Avrum Rosensweig

We have abandoned our old folk, and done so effectively. Why? They are not wounded animals wandering off to the forest to lick their wounds and die. Seniors are not ugly because of their wrinkles or yellowing fingernails. Their folds and crinkles are exquisite like the trunks of an aging redwood. We are the unsightly ones.