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This Is a Business' Biggest Secret Weapon

In an age where one well-placed tweet or a vine secretly filmed by an unengaged employee or unsatisfied customer can cost a company millions of dollars, business leaders will have to adapt or die. The inner workings of a company are no longer strictly "inner." And within this reality, transparency is the secret weapon for leaders in the new economy.
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15 Reasons Why FIFA Is The Worst

While many of us are excited about the World Cup, it's impossible to ignore the misdeeds of the people behind FIFA, soccer's governing body. John Oliver tore the organization a new one in a recent 13-...
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FIFA Head Twitter Account Hacked?

It looks like hackers have gotten to the Twitter accounts of FIFA President Sepp Blatter and the official FIFA 2014 World Cup Twitter account. Both accounts began posting messages related to corruptio...