Shafia Honour Killing Trial


Shafias To Appeal Murder Convictions

TORONTO - Just days after being convicted with his parents in the first-degree murders of four family members, Hamed Shafia has filed notice to appeal, his lawyer said Tuesday.Shafia, 21, has taken th...

Inside Story: How They Were Caught

KINGSTON, Ont. - When the call first came in on the morning of June 30, 2009, about a car in the locks at Ontario's Kingston Mills, police thought they might have a stolen car on their hands, or maybe...

Don't Let Political Correctness Kill "Honour Killings"

Canadians are often uncomfortable labeling premeditated murders "honour killings" under the guise of political correctness. Let us take off our multicultural goggles and see honour killings for what they are: culturally motivated, violent crimes committed against women that have no place in a civilized society.

Shafia Family To Keep Their Fortune

OTTAWA - In the weeks before he helped kill his sisters and his father's first wife, someone had used Hamed Shafia's laptop for an online search.That person wanted to know: "can a prisoner have contro...

Whose Daughters Will Be the Next Shafias?

What must we do -- we Muslims -- to ensure none of our daughters and sisters are murdered by their fathers, husbands, and brothers? Among many things we must embrace foremost the 1400-year-old Islamic tradition that emphasizes not the responsibility to guard our modesty, but the duty to show compassion.

Honour Killing Verdict: Guilty

UPDATE: Canada's Muslim Community have responded to the Shafia trial verdict. While many Muslim community leaders have decried the violence and deaths of the four women, the use of the term honour kil...

All In The Jury's Hands Now

KINGSTON, Ont. - A jury in eastern Ontario deciding the fate of three people accused of killing four family members over honour has finished deliberations for Saturday with no verdict.The jury in the...

Shafia Trial Closing Arguments Next Week

KINGSTON, Ont. - All of the evidence has now been heard in a trial of three people accused of killing half of their family over honour, and next week the jury will start sifting through a mountain of...

Accused's Brother Testifies

KINGSTON, Ont. - Honour is very important to a man accused of killing half of his family, allegedly in a so-called honour killing, but Mohammad Shafia is no murderer, his half-brother said Tuesday.Dr....

Shafia Mother Spars With Crown Lawyer

KINGSTON, Ont. - A mom charged with killing her three daughters turned the tables on the prosecutor in her case Monday, accusing him of having an overactive imagination and likening his theory of what...

Wife Admits To Lying To Police

KINGSTON, Ont. - A woman accused of killing her three daughters and her husband's other wife agrees with the attorney prosecuting her on one thing: she lied.Tooba Yahya, 42, told police in her post-ar...

Trying To Protect Her Son

KINGSTON, Ont. - A courtroom in eastern Ontario was witness to dramatic legal theatre Tuesday, as a woman accused in a so-called quadruple honour killing was confronted with a video appearing to direc...

Shafia Trial Resumes

KINGSTON, Ont. - A woman accused of killing her three daughters and her husband's other wife suggested Monday that one daughter tried to commit suicide because of a pair of pants, and not because she...