Shale Gas Quebec



MONTREAL - Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard says he is not interested in exploiting the province's shale gas reserves.He tells the CBC's French-language service that Quebecers are largely against hyd...

Déjà Vu, All Over Again

I really thought the conversation on local natural gas development had moved beyond the mania of an availability cascade in Quebec. Everyone tells me I am optimistic and last week's report in La Presse proves them right.

Is The Energy Industry Held To A Higher Standard?

According to an old Dutch friend of mine, there is a Dutch saying that goes "what you say is what's in your heart". Basically it means what you say about other people can be a sign of what you yourself believe and how you behave. For example an unfounded accusation of duplicity could actually be the sign of a duplicitous nature.

Quebec Eyes Ban On Fracking

MONTREAL - Within 24 hours of taking office, the new Parti Quebecois government slammed the door on two controversial industries and dropped a hint about shutting down a third.The government moved to...