Shark Fin Ban Vancouver

Is Banning Shark Fin An Equitable Way To Protect Sharks?

Kim Bosco Mo | Posted 01.18.2013 | Canada British Columbia
Kim Bosco Mo

Other fish such as bluefin tuna are also facing the same peril faced by sharks that is caused by overfishing. In fact, bluefin tuna are the most valuable fish in the world, worth commercially more than any species of shark and coveted for their fatty belly meat used in sushi. If the solution to the shark conservation issue is a wholesale ban of shark fin consumption -- regardless of the type of sharks or how they are caught or used -- shouldn't we consider banning tuna in sandwiches and sushi as well? Is the life of a tuna worth less than that of a shark? Will the legislators still advocate a ban to protect a species if it is a food that they eat?

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