Man Sentenced Over Dirty Needles

SHERBROOKE, Que. - A Quebec man who hid dirty syringes in clothing at a shopping mall has been sentenced to four years in jail.Claude Letourneau had already pleaded guilty to 32 counts of theft, assau...

Canada's Most Creative Cities

In this exclusive excerpt for HuffPost from Richard Florida's new book, the author reveals that scientists and engineers, architects and designers, artists and entertainers and the growing ranks of professional knowledge workers -- what he labels as The Creative Class" -- now number more than five million in Canada, or roughly 30 per cent of the workforce. So where do they live?

Arrest In Dirty Needles Case

Police in Sherbrooke, Que., have arrested a 49-year-old man they believe is responsible for hiding dirty syringes that have pricked several people in recent months. Blood-stained syringes have been f...

The NDP's Sneaky Attempt to Win Over Separatists

In January the NDP leadership candidates held a debate in Montreal in which every one of them refused to support the federal government's Clarity Act. It is important to note that independence by Quebec in such circumstances would not only fly in the face of the Clarity Act but stand in opposition to the amending formula of the Canadian Constitution.

Quebec Wall Collapse Kills Worker

SHERBROOKE, Qc - A Quebec construction worker has been crushed to death and another seriously injured after part of a wall collapsed on them.The accident occurred this afternoon as the men were workin...