Sinead O'connor


Sinéad, You Bring Out the Worst in Feminism

I'm not getting into the "Is Sinead a feminist? Is Miley a feminist? Am I a feminist?" thing because I don't wield the word like a club badge that can be revoked for non-orthodoxy. But I will say that this spat does not reflect the best of feminism. We should instead set our eyes filled with #misandry and rage on the institutions and authorities that really oppress us.

Miley Cyrus Has a Solid Case of the Emperor's New Clothes

Here's the thing about everyone giving Miley life advice: I'm not a 20-year-old multimillionaire in Hollywood whose every romance, stupid comment or haircut blows up the Internet. I'm a middle-aged mother in a small Ontario town. I simply can't imagine the reality of her life, and neither can you. But Sinead O'Connor thought she could.

I'm With Miley: Don't Slut-Shame Me for Gyrating on Stage

Years ago I wrote a song called "I Want It" about being -- ahem-- infatuated on a dance floor. I would perform in spandex costumes, jump into crowds and gyrate. All the while, I loudly and proudly identified as a feminist. That's why Sinaed O'Connor's open letter to Miley Cyrus sent me into a rage. As women, and as artists, we are constantly fed mixed messages, trying to walk the thin, precarious line of giving people what they want while fitting into our prescribed roles as desirable yet consumable women. Be strong but don't be a bitch. Be sexy but not too sexual. I never anticipated Sinead as capable of slut-shaming. But here we are.