How Did He Get In Those Pants?

Chingy once said, "How the hell did you get all of that in dem jeans?" Now, he was probably talking about bootie shorts, but the statement can also pertain to this video of a father questioning his so...

How Moods Mess With Your Skin

By Grace Gold Your emotions can show up on your face in more ways than one. Find out how your feelings can hurt — and help — your complexion. %Slideshow-541128% Smile For Good Skin The saying “laughte...

Stressed?! Maybe You're Eating Too Much of These

You've all heard "you are what you eat" before, right? Well we now know that that is true on a more fundamental level than you ever could have imagined. So, is it possible that the foods we eat can be changing this chemical and physical make-up to actually create feelings of stress and anxiety? Absolutely! Check out the top five foods that can affect your brain chemistry and cause stress and anxiety.

A Multi-Function Space for Work and Play

Cal is an animation artist, director and teacher -- and a first time homeowner. Cal wanted his live/work space to function on a variety of levels -- as a modern kitchen, as a professional office and as a cozy lounge area. And he wanted it all to be hip, creative and modern. So I got set to transform his home's main floor and give him a fashionable and functional space that fits his lifestyle.

Peter MacKay's War Of 1812 Gaffe

Peter MacKay's War of 1812 history appears to be a little fuzzy. Last week during a speech at the French Embassy in Ottawa, the Defence Minister suggested the French supported the British during the W...