Canada's Most Creative Cities

In this exclusive excerpt for HuffPost from Richard Florida's new book, the author reveals that scientists and engineers, architects and designers, artists and entertainers and the growing ranks of professional knowledge workers -- what he labels as The Creative Class" -- now number more than five million in Canada, or roughly 30 per cent of the workforce. So where do they live?

Why It's Healthy to Eat Like a Kid

The moment we start to put on weight we begin to think of food as "good" or "bad." However the cycle of "on-off" dieting usually results in more weight gain with each successive trial. I frequently write about how to get back to the days when you didn't think about how fattening or "healthy" anything was. Without a thought of where it would land on your thighs, or midriff.

A Lemon Recipe To Help Fight Cancer

Lemons, lime, limonene. D-limonene, to be precise, is a member of a very fragrant class of molecules that abound in citrus-terpenoids or terpenes. And they've been shown to inhibit cancer cell progression and induce cell death. Here's how to make a refreshing limonene concoction.

Hey Ladies, What's Stopping YOU From Proposing?

So many women ask the same question: why won't he propose? Well, this week, a man wrote in and flipped the script -- hey ladies, what's stopping your from proposing? (Or for that matter, asking men out on dates, and paying for that date?) We've come a long way from the 50s, maybe we should start acting like it...

The Best Way for Kids to Learn Music

Much like with video games, my philosophy of learning to play a musical instrument is the rewards make you want to move on. I've developed this view of playing an instrument, in no small part, by watching my son. Just as with a video game, he had to move on in levels. He is now an amazing guitarist and musician.
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How to Keep Hair Looking Fabulous All Summer

My blonde tresses are taking a beating this summer. Between swimming in the pool, surfing in the ocean, and the summer heat, I realized I needed some help. So, I asked Nicholas Penna, Jr., owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri for some easy tips to keep my hair looking beach babe fabulous all summer long. Here are some of his great ideas.

Not So Fast, Alberta

EDMONTON - Alberta will consider giving police the authority to immediately seize the vehicles of people caught driving at extreme speeds as one way to reduce highway deaths and injuries.Transportatio...