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Seven Ways Technology Is Affecting Our Children

Not only are we enamored with the ability to send and receive information in a digital format, but our children are equally smitten. I hear more and more parents bemoaning the fact that they're not able to retrieve their iPad or laptop from their young child who is busy surfing the web, watching videos or playing games on the device. Here are the top seven ways that digital technology has affected our children -- the good and the bad.
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There Are Apps, and Then There are Apps (You Want The Good Kind)

Sometimes, it's hard to remember a world before smartphones. Whatever did we do when we didn't have GPS in our pocket or could check our email on the run? (Answer: we missed out on answering several important, time-sensitive messages and also got lost a whole lot.) In addition to maps and email, when it comes to leading a busy, on-the-go life, certain apps are downright essential. Here are our picks for apps that make our lives more convenient, safer and loads more fun.