Smoking Ban

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Don't Take Away the Joy of Cigarettes From the Mentally Ill

Patients in hospital are often receiving drug therapy and having the proper dose of medications that are optimally effective with minimal side effects determined. They are not allowed to smoke and then they are discharged and resume smoking at the same level as before hospitalization. As Dr O'Reilly pointed out, "the resumption of smoking can interfere with the effectiveness of their antipsychotic medication dose."
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Why Smoking Can Be Good For You

If e-cigarettes were approved, they could be allowed for use by those suffering with serious psychiatric disorders in hospital. Those devices might help alleviate some of the deficits associated with schizophrenia, reduce the health risks of cigarette smoking, and allow for patients to smoke in hospital without the need to be allowed off the ward.

Quebec To Prisoners: Butt Out

QUEBEC - The Quebec government has announced its intention to prohibit smoking outright in provincial prisons within a year — the last Canadian jurisdiction to do so.The province's public security min...
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No Smoking.. Outside?

MONTREAL - A Quebec municipality is introducing a tough new smoking bylaw that makes it illegal to smoke in parks, playgrounds and on sports fields.The city councillor who spearheaded the law in Cote...