Sochi Protest

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Sochi Gets Sued

SOCHI, Russia - Two Russian activists have filed a lawsuit against the Sochi Olympics organizers after they were barred from attending the games, their lawyer said Friday.Semyon Simonov, a Sochi activ...

From Sochi to "Blurred Lines": Why Boycotts Are Bullshit

Like most thinking people, my relationship with Robin Thicke's racy summer anthem Blurred Lines is complicated. Love that baseline. Hey-hey-hate the lyrics and video. But I won't stop listening to it. And neither should you. With demands to boycott everything from the Sochi Olympics to the novel Ender's Game to the entire state of Florida after the George Zimmerman verdict, people continue to insist abstention is a prescription for change. But saying you plan to effect change with your boycott is kind of like saying you're moving to Hollywood to become famous. Only your mother will believe you.