Sochi Russia


Why Would Anyone Want To Host the Winter Olympics?

What country in its right mind would willingly and consciously walk into a Winter Games with the possibility of anything even reaching toward $50 billion on its table? The Sochi Games gave everyone else a chance to think about it for a second, and once you do it's sort of like being sober in a club where all your friends are buying bottle service... you can only get so drunk.

Welcome to Russia, and Let the Games Begin

A small technical glitch happened when a giant snowflake failed to open to create the third ring on the top row of the five-ring Olympic logo. No biggie. Hey, in Vancouver the cauldron was complicated and Catriona Le May Doan sat there waiting to light it but it never came.
Michael Heiman via Getty Images

Sochi, As the Russians See It

Russians love the card game called "Preferance", and a popular saying from the nation's favourite card game is often used as a reference point: "If I could read the cards I'd rather be in Sochi." There is an association of Sochi and its inhabitants with the luck of the cards, with an accidental and unpredictable fortune.

Dear NHL, Take the Fall for Olympians and Boycott Sochi

If we can't move the Olympics, we should boycott them, right? Well, actually, that seems to me an unfair burden to place on amateur athletes, most of whom toil in obscurity and without adequate remuneration for all but two-and-a-half weeks out of every four years. Still, Russia can't be allowed to get away scot-free -- something must be done. But if the IOC won't do it, and if amateur athletes shouldn't have to do it, who's left? If only there existed a group of athletes who were going to Sochi to compete but were actually highly paid professionals...

Canada's 'Top Secret Stuff'

SUNSHINE VILLAGE, Alta. - It's "top secret stuff," according to Erik Guay.The Canadian alpine team is searching for the crucial hundredths of a second that could be the difference between standing on...