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What Most Businesses Don't Understand About Consumers

Senior management is unwilling to relent to the strength and power of the consumer. It is surprising how many businesses still "think" they can control the message, despite the countless examples of organizations that have been humbled by this thing called social media. By preserving control at the top of the hierarchy, these same organizations are increasingly vulnerable to the volatility of the customer voice.

Why Don't CEOs Use Social Media?

Customers expect your organization to be socially friendly. Social community management and interacting with the public in the social space is a very important role. Corporate leadership in social media should not be absent here. Today, although there are a number of businesses in the social space, there is a marked absence of leadership.

Timereaction: Rethinking Information

This is the second article in a series that profiles four companies, who have developed technologies that are not only responding to the data shift, but are paving the way for businesses to rethink how they manage and measure information. This is my interview with Allan Diamond, Co-Founder of Timereaction.
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How Your Small Business Can Grow Big Ideas

Social entrepreneurship understand that it's about big ideas in small packages that have the potential to effect enormous social change. Social entrepreneurship is about the regional and global impact that can be unleashed if start-up solutions to local problems are given the support to grow, scale-up, and spread around the world. Here are some insights into what it takes to grow and scale.

Do or Die: The Inevitability of Social Business

In Canada, social media is still in its nascency. While many brands are willing to include social media in their marketing strategies, it is still largely a campaign component. The fact of the matter is the phenomena that is social business brings with it inherent business risks, a complete change in mindset, and a cultural shift --none of which will happen overnight.