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It's Okay To Stop Following Your Awful Friends On Social Media

We've all been there: Mortified and shocked by the latest horrible thing someone we thought we knew posted on social media. For too long now, I have been a deer in the headlights when it comes to these sorts of situations. But I've hit a wall. It is time to cut some people loose. I am beginning to understand that I AM allowed to give up on people. I AM permitted to shake the dust off my feet: un-friend, un-follow and disengage.
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2014 Tech Predictions: The Future is More Social, with Less Networks

In 2014, the tech world will be less about reaching for mobile devices to check social streams and more about one-to-one or one-to-few connections using apps such as SnapChat and WhatsApp. Real business impact will come from these connective apps and will continue to erode revenues for conventional telcos. The next year will be less about social networks, and more about social connections. Hopefully.

Why Websites Should Kill Their Comments

Whether we like it or not, the great discourse and online conversations are being clouded and polluted with spammy comments. If you have ever blogged, you will note how difficult it can sometimes be to sort the wheat from the chaff.

How Many Social Media Sites Will Survive?

As we all know, the social web is here to stay. But is this sustainable? Has the equation changed? Evidence suggests that it has. By some reports, there are some 500+ social media sites that exist. A number of them -- maybe a majority, will go down for the count.

The Social Web is a Golden Cage of Information

Do you actively seek out different opinions than your own, or unwittingly reinforce your personal conventional wisdom by only consuming "agreeable" content? While we may think it is the former, too often we live in a bubble. Here are some reasons why we're not as open-minded or as free as we may think, and how the internet is really preventing us from experiencing new things.