South Korea Free Trade

Harper's Nodding Off at the Auto Industry Wheel

I guess Prime Minister Harper is busy finding a new finance minister along with all the other stuff involved with his single-minded pursuit of the Alberta carbon bubble. Because he sure doesn't have time to join the hand wringing over a key engine of growth in a once prosperous province called Ontario. I'm talking about the so-called "free" trade agreement with South Korea and the future of the auto industry.

Harper Open To Renegotiating NAFTA

VANCOUVER -- With the ink still wet on a free-trade deal with South Korea, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada would be willing to reopen the North American Free Trade Agreement for the right pr...

He Knows How To Land The Big One

OTTAWA - No one will ever again accuse Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his trade minister of not being able to land the big one.After years of hooking minnows like Honduras, Panama and Jordan, Ottaw...

'A Pivotal Deal For Our Country'

SEOUL, South Korea - Prime Minister Stephen Harper is touting a free-trade deal with South Korea as a major boost for Canadian exporters looking for a toehold into the lucrative Asian marketplace.The...

Signing Up For Free Trade

It’s no secret that when Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with Korean president Park Geun-hye Tuesday it will be to sign a free trade deal. It will be Canada’s first free trade deal in East Asia,...

Free Trade Deal Imminent

OTTAWA - The Harper government is set to sign a long-sought trade deal with South Korea early next week, despite entrenched opposition by some in Ontario's critically important auto sector, sources cl...

Auto Industry Battles Canada-Korea Trade Pact

Auto makers are waging a last-ditch fight to kill an “imminent” Canada-South Korea free trade deal, warning that it would damage the Canadian auto industry and the wider economy. Dianne Craig, Ford Mo...