Spring Recipes

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Scrumptious BC Spring Recipes to Treat Your Palate

Seasonal produce from various regions of B.C. is easy with organizations like Farm Folk, City Folk who connect urban citizens to farmers and farmers' markets in their communities. From Richmond to Penticton, grazing up and down along market tables loaded with vibrant greens, purples, oranges and reds in shapes and hues foreign from larger grocery chain stockpiles, you can hear some shoppers exclaim excitedly "What is this?!" "What can I do with this?!"

5 Recipes To Reboot Your Body For Spring

Spring is the ultimate re-boot season. Now is the time to take stock, check in with our bodies, minds, and spirits and begin to set out on a new trajectory. So today I want to offer up a selection of my fave spring inspired recipes from the past year. Here, my top 5 for a fab, fresh, food fill NOW.

RECIPE: Why Your Steamed Veggies Need a Tahini Topper

During the delightful days of denim jackets, daffodils, and the dance of first robins in search of worms, nothing beats a big plate of steamed veggies, dressed with a simple sauce. And that sauce ought to incorporate the freshness of herbs, the brightness of lemon, and a touch of silk via some healthy fat.