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The Trouble With Canadian Sitcoms

Working the Engels started out tepid, but is improving week-by-week. With the most recent episode (the one about the sister dealing with her divorce) I found myself chuckling pretty consistently. I'd argue the secret weapon in their comedy quiver might be Less Than Kind's Benjamin Arthur who injects a sympathetic innocence into the brother.
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Americanizing the Canadian Sitcom

The new tsunami hitting shores are Canadian sitcoms bragging they are just like Hollywood comedies. This has always been a problem in Canadian entertainment -- a deliberate lack of respect for what has come before, or an ignorance of it entirely. And this new push to be more like American shows has lead to a breed of Canadian sitcoms that are the worst of both worlds, like a mermaid with a fish head and human legs.

Darcy Michael: Skinny Bitch

I first started following Darcy Micahel's career in his early days doing stand-up in dingy cafes and half-empty bars. Today, Darcy is headlining comedy festivals across Canada, is a regular on CBC Radio's "The Debaters" and is about to start filming his first supporting role in a sitcom. I had the opportunity to sit down with the self-proclaimed skinny bitch as he packed his bags for Toronto, to discuss his role and thoughts around this next phase of his career in comedy.