St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick Actually Wore Blue, And Other Facts History Got Wrong

When you think of St. Patrick, the man who brought Christianity to Ireland, what do you see? A man with a white beard in green clerical robes, wearing a mitre, carrying a crook? This is the commonly recognized version of the saint but it turns out that much of his costume has been appropriated from different time periods and is not necessarily true to the period in which St. Patrick lived.

This St. Patrick's Day, Try Celebrating Snake Patrick's Day

To this day, the grassy landscapes of Ireland remain free of any snake species. And despite the popular tale of Saint Patrick banishing them all, they always have. According to scientists, there has never been any fossil evidence of snakes found on the island; proving no snake has ever slithered on Irish soil. It is believed snakes were unable to reach these lands due to the Ice Age, which kept Irish territory too cold for snakes to survive.
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A St. Patrick's Day Hangover Cure Recipe That Works

Aside from turning these overnight oats a thematically appropriate green hue, matcha green tea powder is packed with recovery polyphenol antioxidants that protect your cells from damage. It also has a kick of caffeine to get your morning started, along with l-theanine which has anti-stress and relaxation properties. And you might need that depending on where you wake up the next day. Just saying.

How To Use Cabbage For St. Patrick's Day

Versatile cabbage, which can be used cooked in soups, stews and cabbage rolls and raw in salads, is often featured in St. Patrick's Day meals. Here are some recipes to try that can also be enjoyed at...