Stanley Cup Riot

Good Samaritan Recalls Hockey Riot Beating

VANCOUVER - When the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup final nearly three years ago, Robert MacKay was disappointed, but he still wanted to walk through downtown Vancouver...

EVEN MORE Riot Charges

VANCOUVER - Nineteen more people have been charged for their alleged involvement in Vancouver's Stanley Cup Riot that made international headlines in 2011.The B.C. Criminal Justice Branch says 17 adul...

Stanley Cup Riot Hero Charged

A New Westminster, B.C., man who was honoured as a hero of Vancouver's Stanley Cup riot has been charged with refusing to fill out the 2011 census. CBC News has learned the charge against Bert E...

You Can't Mask Canada's Pathetic Protest Movement

In recent memory, I can think of only three serious, rock-'em-sock-'em demonstrations in Canada. It's not as though Canadians are lacking for things to protest about. It's just that our national preference (outside Quebec, at least) is to avoid conflict whenever possible. And, I suppose, we've probably become too comfortable, perhaps even lazy, about tackling issues that don't have direct or immediate implications for us.

ICBC Targets Hockey Rioters

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's Crown auto insurer has filed a civil claim against 46 people who have been charged or convicted for taking part in the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver two years ago.The In...

Riot Charges By The Numbers

VANCOUVER - Two years after a riot in Vancouver made international headlines, charges have been approved against 229 people while 56 accused rioters are still waiting to learn if they'll be charged.B....

Drunk Rioter Escapes Jail Time

VANCOUVER - A young man who joined the mayhem of Vancouver's Stanley Cup riot, only to later claim he was too intoxicated to remember what happened, received a conditional sentence Wednesday after the...

Hockey Rioters Sentenced

VANCOUVER - Two men convicted of attacking a Good Samaritan during the Stanley Riot in Vancouver will spend seven and eight months each behind bars.Robert Timleck and Nathan Blake were among a group o...

Police Recommend New Round Of Charges

VANCOUVER - Vancouver Police have recommended another batch of charges in the 2011 Stanley Cup riot.Police say 34 new charges have been sent to the Crown for approval against 10 more rioters.In the al...

Rioter's Amnesia Excuse Doesn't Work

VANCOUVER - The first person to go on trial in the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver has been found guilty on three charges.Spencer Kirkwood had pleaded not guilty to participating in a riot, mischief and...
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How to Piss Off a Vancouverite

Yes, it's an expensive city. But that's like complaining too many people hit on your spouse because they're so hot. It's a gorgeous city in a beautiful setting with top-notch bars and restaurants, a thriving arts scene, and more. Guess what's driving the cost? People moving here, at any cost, because it's so awesome. It's a vicious cycle. Would you prefer it be less awesome? We wouldn't.
B.C. Crown

Rioters Dodge Tougher Sentences

VANCOUVER - The B.C. Court of Appeal has rejected a bid by the Crown to get tougher sentences for two Stanley Cup rioters in Vancouver.In separate appeals, the same panel of judges ruled that the inte...
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Rioters Defy The Courts

VANCOUVER - Stanley Cup rioters convicted for their part in a post-hockey rampage on Vancouver streets are continuing to flout the law, say city police.Police allege as many as one-quarter of the 42 p...

Olympic Hopeful's Rioting Sentence

A man who says he hopes to one day box in the Olympics has been sentenced for smashing a store window and trashing an unmarked police car during in Vancouver's Stanley Cup Riot. Aman Singh Aujla was...

New Riot Charges Pinned On 33 People

VANCOUVER - Another 33 people have been charged in the Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver in June of 2011.The B.C. Criminal Justice Branch says the latest accused include 23 adults and 10 young persons, an...

Riot Suspect Recounts Drunken Night

VANCOUVER - The sun was still illuminating the glass towers of a trendy Vancouver neighbourhood when Spencer Kirkwood stood looking out from an apartment balcony, downing beers after the Canucks lost...

Riot Heroes Honoured

VANCOUVER - Ignoring a sea of taunts and threats of violence, Victoria Pearson waded into the 2011 Stanley Cup riot and appealed to the conscience of one wild-eyed young man stuffing a handkerchief in...

MORE Stanley Cup Riot Charges Laid

VANCOUVER - Vancouver police have recommended charges against another 40 people in connection with the June 2011 Stanley Cup riot in downtown Vancouver and say that after 18 months of investigation, t...