Statscan Cuts

How Can We Have Evidence-Based Policy Without Evidence?

Mark Stabile | Posted 09.12.2012 | Canada
Mark Stabile

Statistics Canada has been hit by another round of cuts. These reductions have been masked under the compelling veil of "efficiency." But how might Canada expect to meet the policy challenges of the future when we no longer have the ability to understand where we are today? Evidence-based policy-making requires just that -- evidence -- standard, reliable metrics whose quantification and legitimacy is widely agreed upon.

Why It Will Soon Be Much Harder To Find About Canadian Income Inequality

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Just as Canadians are expressing concern about the country’s income gap in seemingly unprecedented numbers, our ability to find out what’s happeni...

Deep Cuts At Parks Canada

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OTTAWA - Another 3,800 civil servants were told Monday that their jobs are on the line.Parks Canada took the biggest hit in the government's third wav...

Where Next Round Of Public Job Cuts Will Hit

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Union bosses are warning that "thousands" of public service sector employees will be receiving notices advising them that their jobs will be "affected...