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Why Fixing The Senate Feels Impossible

OTTAWA - Revelations from Mike Duffy's fraud trial and a looming audit report on the expense excesses of his fellow senators will doubtless fuel demands for an overhaul or outright abolition of Canada...

Senate Vacancies? Meh

MARKHAM, Ont. - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he's in no hurry to fill vacancies in the Senate.Harper said he's not hearing much popular support for naming new members to the upper chamber, where...


Prime Minister Stephen Harper may soon be grappling with a whole new problem inside the Senate. He has already endured a Senate expenses scandal that cost him his chief of staff and suffered another...

Senate Reform? That's On You, Provinces

MONTREAL - Prime Minister Stephen Harper reiterated Thursday that the Supreme Court ruling on Senate reform means the issue is clearly now in the hands of the provinces.The court ruled last week that...

Feds: We Don't Need Provincal Input

OTTAWA - Don't make it impossible to change Canada's scandal-plagued Senate.That was the underlying message to Supreme Court justices Thursday as they wrapped up a historic hearing that will decide ho...

Harper Credibility Eroding: Poll

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservative leader who promised to usher in a new era of accountability when his government came to power in 2006, is seeing his credibility erode following months...

'Arrogant And Out Of Touch'

CALGARY - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have forgotten their roots and risk the wrath of dissatisfied voters in the next election.Trude...


Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will not be swayed by the extraordinary debate heard in the Senate this week as three embattled senators took turns fighting for their livelihood, after the Senat...

No Paper Trail Here

The Senate expenses scandal may have generated a lot of headlines this year, but apparently it hadn't prompted a single email, memo or even a sticky-note in Stephen Harper's own department b...

Bad Financial News For The Tories

OTTAWA - The federal Conservative money machine seems to have faltered somewhat.Annual financial reports filed with Elections Canada show the ruling Tories still raised more money than anyone else las...

Stephen Harper's Small Thinking Doesn't Engage Canadians

Stephen Harper's problem is that he thinks too small. No short-term partisan advantage is too minute for him to pursue and no long-term challenge facing the country is too large for him to ignore. By contrast, we need national leaders who will think forward and think big; who will govern intelligently and respectfully; who will call for a new federalism for the 21st century.