Five Business Lessons From Steve Jobs

A lot of people have said a lot of great things about Steve Jobs. And for good reason: he built the world's second-most valuable company, with billions in profits and products that have improved every aspect of our lives. But Steve didn't get there by being a soft, fluffy, Kumbaya-type leader.

10 Things I've Learned From Steve Jobs

Some people hate Apple, and it is mostly based on how much other people love Apple. Apple products engender strong feelings, one way or the other. Any company can do this, though. It just requires that you take a chance upsetting some people and focus on what you love.

A Man Among Machines

Steve Jobs, Apple's founder and former CEO, has died at the age of 56. An iconic figure, Jobs is credited with ushering in countless consumer technologies -- and always, with an unfailingly personal t...