Sticky Situations


Sticky Situation: Five Petiquette Guidelines

Although Statistics Canada does not collect data on the number of pets in our country, it is safe to say that we co-exist with more pets than we ever have. The results? We have more "pet" peeves and sticky pet situations in our daily lives. Here are five guidelines to contribute to a pet friendly neighbourhood and life.

Sticky Situation: How Would You Do in an Offbeat Interview?

So you think that you have what it takes to work for one of serial entrepreneur Richard Branson's 400 companies within his Virgin Empire? You have personality and that is what he hires. Right? Are you a bit nervous about making a poised and polished entrance? What about the small talk -- smooth sailing for you? And what if you do get the job and he proposes a toast to you? Do you drink up or not? Uh oh...

Sticky Situation: Your New Year's Eve Party Guide

Throughout the world, in the 24 time zones of our planet when the clock strikes 12, Spaniards will wear red underwear, South Africans will throw furniture out of the window and Peruvian neighbours will be boxing to transition from one year to the next. Right here in our homeland, anywhere in our six time zones, Canadians will be singing, sipping and smooching. Here is your New Year guide with good, should and fun to know celebration facts.

Seven Sticky Situations: Home for the Holidays

"There is no place like home for the holidays..." so the song goes. For that reason, you and your sweetheart have decided to make your house Christmas-central this year. You are hosting and all are taking turns coming to celebrate with you and your family. To make sure that your vision of "the most wonderful time of the year" comes true in your home, here is your cheat sheet to some of the seven of the season's sticky situations.
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Sticky Situation: An Air-Kissing How-To

Sticky situation: Help! I got air-kissed and ended up butting noses. The incident happened during my first road trip with my boss, when he introduced me to one of our senior store managers. I put out my hand. He pulled me in to peck, not only once but twice, on each cheek. I was surprised. Startled, I moved and it caused a nose collision. What is the protocol on air-kissing, who goes first and on which side?

Sticky Situation: Eloping Without Mom's Approval

Sticky situation: I've met a wonderful guy and we're planning on getting married sometime this fall. This will be a second wedding for both of us. Neither of us would like a large, elaborate wedding. In fact, we want to simply elope and have a private ceremony with just the two of us. Unfortunately, both my mother and his mother do not like this idea.