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TSX End Week With A Nosedive

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market finished its last trading day of the month with a major loss amid a widespread decline in the heavily weighted financial sector and a further plunge in the stock pri...

TSX Moves Into Correction Territory

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market closed in correction territory Tuesday as worries about deteriorating global economic conditions helped further erode year-to-date gains. The S&P/TSX composite index...

America's Got its Mojo Back

The vibe at this week's Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles was certainly more upbeat than a few months ago at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The difference is that Davos is a global event and world prospects are not necessarily a great story, while the Milken confab is distinctly American and the facts are that the U.S. is back on top.
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TORONTO — North American stock markets closed in the red for a second session Friday as nervousness about Chinese growth, corporate earnings and stock valuations persuaded investors to sell off ahead...

When Terrorism Meets Financial Fraud

This was the first chilling example as to how cyber terrorism could bring down the financial system, or specific institutions or persons. Obviously, new safeguards must be put in place by legitimate media brands, regulators, new media outlets like Twitter, markets, corporations and governments.

Will a Soccer Match Decide Greece's EU Fate?

Greeks will watch the Euro 2012 soccer match between their country and Russia before going to the polls on June 17. If the Greeks lose, the country will vote to stay in the Eurozone. If they win, all bets are off. But, like football, forecasting is impossible (unless the games are rigged) which means that anything can happen. Here are three possible scenarios.

World Markets Bounce On Fed

UPDATE: The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 400 points in its first 90 minutes of trading Wednesday, promising another highly volatile day on the markets as investors continued to fret over the...

Another Turbulent Day On The Markets

OTTAWA - The wild financial market gyrations might keep you up at night but it's the economic darkness beneath the volatile trading that is the real monster under the bed, according to economists and...

'Total Fear': Dow Wipes Out 2011 Gains

Whoops! There goes any progress stocks made in 2011. Stocks plunged Thursday, with the Dow tumbling 500 points just before the close, as fear about the global economy spooked investor