Stockwell Day

Connecting the Dots: Hamas, ISIS, and the Assault on Human Rights in the Middle East

Zahar and Baghdadi, Hamas and ISIS share the same final goal: democracy must give way to theocracy, plural religions to a single Islamist belief, freedom to submission and social equality to the dictates of Sharia rule. Standing against Hamas and ISIS terrorism transcends politics and party lines. The rights and freedoms that comprise the very heart of our way of life are under direct attack in the Middle East from these and other groups seeking to build a radical, theocratic mega-state across the region, and, if they can achieve it, even beyond.

What I Saw In China

On a recent trip to China, I heard the president of that nation make a startling announcement. China will rebuild the centuries' old trade route known as the Silk Road, a 3,000-kilometre trail s...

Meet Christy Clark's New BFF

KELOWNA, B.C. - A former federal Conservative cabinet minister says he'll be supporting the BC Liberal Party in the upcoming provincial election.Stockwell Day served as trade minister and public safet...

Canada's Media Is Around When You're Short of Enemies

Stephen Harper has worked hard in the past eight years to de-legitimize the role of the media in the political system. He deliberately worked to create bad feeling with the Parliamentary Press Gallery, then hammed up the role of victim when the press fought back. And the press didn't fight hard.

Stockwell Day To Support BC Liberals

Former Treasury Board president and retired Conservative MP Stockwell Day says he's backing the provincial Liberals in British Columbia because any other choice would result in an NDP-led government....