Dispatches From Down East: Thank God It's Sunday Night

Two storm days back-to-back, courtesy of the Nor'easter that hit the Maritimes this past weekend, and I am more exhausted and wrung out than I was Friday afternoon. I now know why some animals eat their offspring. It would at the very least be one way to keep things quiet around the den.

Unconfirmed Reports Of A Tornado In Quebec

Environment Canada has confirmed that two tornadoes — one of which was classed as a moderate F-1 packing winds of up to 150 km/h — touched down near Montreal Friday night, causing millions of dollars...

Irene To Blow Into Canada Late Sunday

HALIFAX - Forecasters say the impact of hurricane Irene will be felt across a wide swath of Eastern Canada as the sprawling storm is expected to track through Maine and into northern New Brunswick by...

More Floods For Manitoba?

CBC -- Officials in Manitoba are scrambling to shore up flood defences, before a major rain storm descends on waterlogged areas of the province Sunday night. The weather system is expected to bring 30...

Canada Suffers Through 'Total-Misery Package'

From Fredericton to Victoria, it's been one soggy spring. And amid record-breaking floods in Quebec and Manitoba, Canadians elsewhere would be forgiven for thinking they're living in a coast-to-coast...