Paul Viant via Getty Images

My Favourite Things: The Spring Edition

I am currently renewing my fascial stretching certification from the Stretch To Win Institute. (Fascia is sheets of connective webbing that encases and connects the entire body; it unites bones and muscles.) I do partner fascial stretching with clients, but attending the course reminded me how wonderful the motions feel in my own body. I am now re-motivated to prioritize fascial stretching after every run.

The Workout Diaries: Fad #3, Aerial Fitness

When I first heard about the Aerial Strength class offered by Brass Vixens on Queen West, I have to admit, I pictured something totally different. Buoyed by the website's proclamation that aerial would "relieve tension and back pressure, improve digestion and posture and stimulate cleansing and body renewal" all while swaying in a hammock, I signed up!