Suicide Stigma

We Must Change the Way We Talk About Suicide

Arthur Gallant | Posted 07.25.2016 | Canada Impact
Arthur Gallant

The majority of people refer to the act of somebody taking their own life as "committing suicide." We tend to most often use the word "commit" when it comes to the act of carrying out a crime. The act of suicide was once a crime but its now widely known that suicide is most often the result of mental illness.

Why I'm Glad I Didn't Succeed At Ending My Life

Arthur Gallant | Posted 09.08.2012 | Canada Living
Arthur Gallant

My suicide attempts were five years apart and each time I felt emotional pain that was too deep to describe. To me, ending my life was the only way to solve my problems which I've learned is not the case. There's a classic saying that goes, "Live everyday as if it's your last." While mental illness and suicide are very challenging topics, we need to treat those around us as if today is their last day too -- with love and respect.