Summer Olympics


Using the Olympics to Help Your Kids Learn a "Gold Medal" Attitude

My family had a serious case of Olympic fever. Along with many Canadians, the winter games have become a permanent fixture on our television screen, and a major topic of discussion around the dinner table. The Olympics present valuable learning opportunities for adults and children of all ages. Parents can use these great learning opportunities to foster "a gold medal attitude" for children.

Sorry, But These Aren't "Everyone's Games" Yet

It's been called the Games for everybody. But, this is not true. Women are not equal to men in the Olympics, and it needs to be fixed. It can't be lied about, or glorified for what it isn't. The Olympics are not equal, and to insist they are is insulting to equality and women. We've made strides, but not enough. If it's only a good start, then it should only be reported as a good start.

Canada Flops In Trampoline Final

LONDON - Canada's Jason Burnett planned to do one of the most difficult routines of the men's trampoline competition at the London Games on Friday.He never got the chance to really show it off.Burnett...

Team Canada Drops Match To Italy

LONDON - Canada's Annie Martin and Marie-Andree Lessard were knocked out of women's beach volleyball after losing to Italy on Thursday.Martin of Lachine, Que., and Lessard of Lasalle, Que., fell 21-12...

How Quebec Athletes Are Leading The Way

LONDON - Quebec athletes make up just under a quarter of Canada's Olympic team, yet they won all of the country's first four medals in London.A pair of bronze in synchronized diving, another bronze in...

Internet Wins Easy Gold Over NBC in Olympic Coverage

NBC has continued to delay all of their Olympic coverage so far -- the opening ceremonies, Michael Phelps' race. Do they not know about the Internet? In only three days, NBC has single-handedly shown all of us why folks are turning off their TVs and turning on their computers. They wonder why their ratings are dropping and why the money is fleeing. Maybe they should watch their own shows.