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Harper Meets With Castro

PANAMA CITY - Stephen Harper emerged from a meeting with Cuba's Raul Castro with a call for more engagement with the island nation, signalling a change of heart for the prime minister when it comes to...
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Canada's Addiction to the War on Drugs Has Ugly Side-Effects

In the case of Canada and the United States, our addiction to the war on drugs, coupled with an insatiable demand for drugs themselves, has proved a deadly cocktail for those countries unlucky enough to exist along the supply chain. Rather than stifle drug supply, it appears to have fueled it, as estimates suggest that Mexican heroin production has increased 340 per cent since the drug war was launched.

Hello Latin America. It's Been A While

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper is poised to unveil a reinvigoration of his government's muddled Americas strategy when he meets with hemispheric leaders next month.The Canadian Press has learn...