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Media Bites: How Sun News Could Change Cable as We Know it

There "is merit to the arguments raised by Sun News," the CRTC conceded, namely the network's idea that Canadians need their news "to come from a variety of independent sources." As a result, the CRTC now plans to spend the fall debating a couple reforms that would fundamentally rejigger the rules governing how Canadian cable companies are permitted to sell and broadcast news channels in general. For a network that never stops bragging about wanting to "change Canadian television as we know it," that's not a bad legacy to leave -- even if it wasn't intentional.

Moment Of Truth Approaches

OTTAWA - Sun News Network will find out Thursday whether it will get its coveted guaranteed spot on the television dial.The Quebecor-owned network is seeking what is known as mandatory carriage from t...

Sun News Fears 'Death Sentence'

OTTAWA - Sun News Network made its final pitch to the federal telecommunications regulator on Thursday, saying anything short of a guaranteed spot on the dial would spell the end of the channel.The Qu...
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Sun News Asking for a Government Handout Is Ironic, Dontcha Think?

Today, the Sun News Network (SNN) made its final pitch to the federal telecommunications regulator. There is something quite ironic about a network that regularly manipulates information to deliver an agenda that is anti-big government, anti-handouts, anti-regulation, anti-bailout, anti-immigrant, vulture-capitalist -- now begging for a socialist solution to their shortfall.

The Latest Sun News Endorsement Is Out of Line

The National Citizens Coalition shouldn't be in favour of "mandatory" anything. And certainly the group should oppose, on principle, the idea of forcing Canadians to pay for the Sun News Network whether they like it or not. The NCC chose instead to mimic the Sun News Network's arguments and in doing so it has undermined its credibility.

They Want You To Pay For This

OTTAWA - Quebecor says its television network Sun News suffered a projected $17-million loss in 2012 and will continue to record unacceptable losses unless the federal regulator requires cable and sat...