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TORONTO - The Sun News Network went off the air at 5 a.m. ET Friday after negotiations to sell the troubled television channel were unsuccessful.No on-air announcement was made as the screen went dark...

Watching the Watchdog: Sun TV's Right vs. Left Jabs on Brazeau/Trudeau Fight

But apart from some perfunctory, conventional stuff in the daytime, Sun T.V. doesn't do news. Instead, it does reality TV and the scripted plot is -- only far right-wing politics can save Canada and yes, the world. Sun TV is a conscious conspiracy to destroy traditional ethical journalism in our democracy and replace it with reality TV based entirely on far right-wing fantasy.

Watching the Watchdog: The Sun Also Confuses

Today I hit the Sun News website looking for yesterday's other shows. But I couldn't find any. I admit I'm no techno-geek. So maybe it's my fault I couldn't find screenable archives. Best I could do was find previews of "stories we're working on right now." If someone from Sun would care to contact me, steer me towards anything it considers a flagship news show, I would be pathetically grateful.

Sun Flameout: Fake Oath, Fake Outrage

Quebecor's media properties have been conducting for some time an eye-rolling vendetta against anything CBC does because, big surprise, it is a competitor. It cloaks its animosity with the virtuous fig leaf of concern for taxpayer dollars but that is about as genuine as its "new Canadians."

CRTC Chair Crossed Harper Government Too Many Times

Konrad von Finckenstein has a pretty good resume for someone who's looking to prove their independent thinking, which is a good trait if you're an entrepreneur, but not so much for a government-appointed bureaucrat. The fear now is that the prime minister will move to install a CRTC chair who is more subservient.

Quebecor Earnings Flat In First Quarter

MONTREAL (CP) - Quebecor Inc. (TSX:QBR.B) says first-quarter profits slipped to $34.3 million, as its revenues grew 4.5 per cent. The Montreal-based media company says the results were equal to 53 cen...