Swine Flu


First Victim Of H5N1 Was Nurse

RED DEER, Alta. - The first person to die of avian flu in North America was a registered nurse in a central Alberta hospital.The woman's family said in a statement Friday that she grew up in China and...
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H1N1 Kills Okanagan Woman

KAMLOOPS, B.C. - The Interior Health authority says a woman from British Columbia's Okanagan has died after she contracted the same strain of flu that has claimed the lives of 16 people in the Prairie...

There's a Killer Flu Out There, and We're Not Prepared

Influenza can be a weapon of mass destruction. The latest candidate worth worrying about is H7N9. It jumped from birds to humans earlier this year. Of the 137 people known to have been infected, 45 died. There's no evidence that H7N9 spreads among humans. On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise any of the experts if H7N9 learns how to jump from person to person and mutates into a fast-moving mass murderer.

Meet the New Strain of Flu: H7N9

Much like any new offering from Stephen King, which requires time to determine its place in his legacy, the new H7N9 flu requires more than just a few weeks to determine its place in the historical records of infectious disease.

H1N1 Variant Detected In Ontario

TORONTO - Ontario has found a case of an infection with a new swine flu virus, in a man who worked with pigs.The infection was caused by an H1N1-variant virus, which is not the swine flu virus that ha...

West Nile Virus: The Sequel

Hollywood is not the only place with an increasing their number of sequels. While returning health villains, like West Nile Virus and "Swine Flu 2" continue to represent only a minority of worldwide infections, the future is looking rather glum. There are certain to be more germs that will re-emerge and send us all into a frenzy worthy of a blockbuster's opening day weekend.

A Never-Before-Seen Virus Emerges

ATLANTA - For the first time, scientists have found evidence of flu in bats, reporting a never-before-seen virus whose risk to humans is unclear.The surprising discovery of genetic fragments of a flu...

Could New Swine Flu Go Pandemic?

TORONTO - A new study says flu viruses of swine origin that caused a dozen infections in the United States in the second half of last year appear to have pandemic potential.And the work, by scientists...