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Dave Chidley/The Canadian Press

As a Former Employee, I Know Target Will Survive. But Will the Rest of Us?

Target's mistakes have caused untold hardship for thousands of people across Canada. But the hardship didn't start with its retreat. Minimum wage is appallingly low, and it is extremely difficult to make ends meet. When profits didn't meet expectations, hours were cut, further adding to our financial worries. Many thousands of us were notified a year ago that we were no longer eligible for benefits.

'We Bit Off Way Too Much Too Early'

TORONTO - If Target Corp. could re-do its launch into Canada, it would start with just a handful of stores, instead of the more than 100 it opened last year despite their lukewarm reception, the retai...

Target Misses, Execs Make New Pledge

TORONTO - Executives at Target Corp. say they will spend next year trying to reshape the habits of Canadian shoppers who have soured to the company's rollout north of the border.The head of the Minnea...

A Flurry Of New Target Stores

Target will open an additional 20 stores in Canada this month, adding to the 48 locations already in operation across the country, the big U.S.-based retailer announced Thursday. The new locations, op...

Rumours Of Bargains Greatly Exaggerated?

UPDATE: About a dozen shoppers lined up in cold, clear early-morning weather in Guelph, Ont., to be among the first to browse the aisles of a Canadian Target store Tuesday.But shortly before the sched...

How Target Predicts Your Pregnancy

With complex statistical techniques, and a quickly expanding universe of data drawn from an increasing number of our behaviours online and offline, a multitude of organizations and institutions are using predictive analytics to do that which has always fascinated and eluded the human race -- predict the future.