Teacher Bc Strike

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This Is My Strike Pay

To the student who would overthrow the ball in baseball (but not make it obvious) so our autistic student could get on base. This is my strike pay. To have students say they are my kids and even give me Mother's Day gifts because they think of me as important, like a mom. This is my strike pay.
Lizanne Foster

I Voted No To Full-Scale B.C. Teachers' Strike

Although I fully support my teaching colleagues, I am also a parent. My three kids attend the same neighbourhood school in which I teach Grade 3. I know how valuable the learning is that takes place in June and I wanted my own children to have a solid end to the year. I believe children need powerful endings as much as they need strong beginnings and for this reason, I voted no.
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I'm Calling For A Parents' Strike. You In?

We, the citizens and taxpayers of B.C., are both the consumers of and investors in the education system. It's a bit like being the dealer and the player at a high stakes poker game. You'd think the odds were in our favour, but no. This particular high-staked game is rigged and the deck is stacked against us. But if every gambler just walked out, there wouldn't be much of a casino to run, now would there?