Embracing the Power of Accessibility: TEDxToronto

Looking back on the past six years, the team is often asked how we managed to grow a simple 100-person event organized in just eight weeks to a 1,000+ person conference, streamed to thousands more online, which has become the most watched TEDx event in Canada and one of the largest in the world.
Dawn Melody

TED Stage Entirely Made-In-B.C.

When speakers take the stage at the TED Conference in Vancouver, they're standing on an innovative and proudly B.C. piece of craftsmanship. The stage for the sold-out conference, being held in Vancouv...

Three Ways to Boost Canada's Tourism Image

Stability, peacefulness, politeness and a welcoming atmosphere go a long way when considering a nation in which to settle down and raise a family. When you are contemplating flinging free on vacation, those qualities aren't as enticing. So, what do you do if you need to become more attractive? Here are some thoughts.

Chris Hadfield Salutes TED

The TED Conference's move to Vancouver and Whistler is getting some out-of-this-world support from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Hadfield recorded a YouTube video registering his endorsement for...

TED Coming To Canada

The influential TED Conference is coming to Vancouver starting in 2014, conference organizers announced on Monday morning. The conference holds two keynote events, one in Long Beach, Calif. and a seco...