Teen Depression

Chris Coulter

Wake Up Parents, You Could Lose Your Teen To Suicide

Every parent's worst and unimaginable nightmare is losing their child...On the surface many think how could this intelligent, beautiful, popular teenager take her own life. The reality is life can change in a moment and that decision making can never be reversed. What drives me crazy are the parents that look at Madeline's situation as an anomaly and think that this could never happen to my child... It's an irreversible decision that can shatter your family and alter your life forever.
Robert Agouri

Dear Maddie...

There are times I miss you so much, it makes me want to scream. There are times I get so angry, it makes me want to punch a wall. There are times I remember how we laughed like idiots and it makes me smile. There are times I get so sad; I just want to hug you again.

Anxiety in Children: Are We To Blame?

You cannot flip open a newspaper, a magazine or scan Facebook without noticing the rise in anxiety and depression amongst young teens and adults. Many articles call it an epidemic, documented by a severe spike in suicides, prescriptions and counselling appointments on university campuses. I'm seeing that the new literature is calling for a change in how we parent and coach our kids in the early years. We cannot start the inoculation in their teens; the time is now.