Teeth Whitening

Teens And Teeth Whitening: What You Should Know

Anaida Deti | Posted 11.11.2016 | Canada Parents
Anaida Deti

Teenagers deal with all sorts of pressures and self esteems issues, and their appearance are high on that list; so, what do you do when they say their smile isn't as bright and white as they want it to be? As parents, we strive to help our kids feel better about themselves; but before you buy those whitening strips or make that teeth whitening appointment, you should sink your teeth into the facts, first.

Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Nikki Fotheringham | Posted 04.02.2017 | Canada Living
Nikki Fotheringham

Now you can get the same dashing smile at a fraction of the cost using natural ingredients.

Bridal Beauty Countdown

Melissa Jovanoski | Posted 03.05.2017 | Canada Style
Melissa Jovanoski

With the highest number of engagements taking place over the holidays and Valentine's Day -- March marks the perfect time to start thinking about planning your wedding -- and how a bride looks on her wedding day is always the first thing to mind. Lifestyle and Bridal Expert Jessica Mulroney shares top tips on how to be picture perfect on the big day, and ensure brides look and feel their best as they walk down the aisle.

Top Tips To Keep Your Breath Fresh and Teeth White

Sacha DeVoretz | Posted 03.22.2015 | Canada Style
Sacha DeVoretz

I wanted to learn more about how to keep your breath fresh (for such occasions) and also my teeth white (for all those blueberry smoothies I love). So I spoke to Jo-Anne Jones, RDH International Lecturer, President, RDH Connection Inc. and Key Leader for Philips Oral Healthcare. Jo-Anne shared with me her top tips to keep breath fresh and teeth white.

Should You Whiten Your Teen's Teeth?

Erika Katz | Posted 09.18.2012 | Canada Living
Erika Katz

As a mom, you may have noticed your teen struggling with self esteem. While it could be acne, weight gain or hormones, it might be your teen's smile. Are they proudly displaying their pearly whites or do they cover their mouth when they laugh? I spoke to Jennifer Vishnevsky, a contributor to TopDentists.com and she gave me some great guidelines to help you decide if tooth whitening is the right choice for your teen.

Weird Beauty Treatments: Urine As Teeth Whitener, Vampire Facelift And More (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post Canada | Sarah Kelsey | Posted 03.31.2012 | Canada Style

What would you do to look and feel your best? Would you rub bull semen into your hair? How about let fish nibble dead flesh off your feet? Maybe yo...

5 Surprising Smile Saboteurs

Everyday Health | Posted 03.28.2012 | Canada Style

By: Alexis Farah You know coffee and red wine can stain your teeth, but there are other, sneakier culprits that can yellow your smile and damage yo...

How to Look Good Without Makeup

Ali de Bold | Posted 05.09.2012 | Canada Style
Ali de Bold

A pretty face is an uncomplicated face. And by that I mean eyebrows are tidy, there aren't any stray facial hairs poking out anywhere, skin is clear and fresh, teeth are white and flossed and dark spots are not left untreated. It's quite a laundry list, but all of this is easily done at home.

A Dentist Ensures A Perfect Smile: Quick Study

The Huffington Post Canada | Rebecca Zamon | Posted 12.02.2011 | Canada Living

Quick Study [kwik stuhd-ee]: The Huffington Post Canada's tips to make your life a little sweeter, five minutes at a time. Think of it as a cheatsheet...