Ontario May Get A New Cable TV Competitor

During the CRTC’s latest “Let’s Talk TV” discussions, third-party internet provider TekSavvy announced a new partnership with Hastings CableVision company, possibly signaling that the company has plan...

Rogers' 'Shocking Admission'

Rogers Communications may be violating privacy regulations in its approach to tracking requests for customer information, law and digital economy expert Michael Geist says a in a blog posting. Rogers...

Stop Big Telecom's Stranglehold on Canadian Households

The CRTC and the government should stop playing whack a mole and fully open up our networks by splitting them from Big Telecom control so Canadians can access all providers on an equal basis. We've seen again and again how Big Telecom will take any chance they can to mistreat and price-gouge Canadians, and it's time to make some common sense reforms.