Temporary Foreign Workers Program


Tories Mull Tougher TFW Crackdown

OTTAWA - The business community is reacting with apprehension to the federal government's consideration of a so-called wage floor as it ponders new fixes to its troubled temporary foreign worker progr...

Warrantless Inspections Are Long Overdue

The federal government announced recently that they would be conducting more stringent and warrantless inspections of workplaces in order to crack down on human rights abuses and illegal practices. This news comes after years of scathing criticism of the human rights abuses within the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

Should Canadians Get These Jobs?

The fight by two labour unions against a company that hired more than 200 temporary workers from China for its coal mine in northeastern B.C. heads to Federal Court in Vancouver today. The judicial r...

Stoking Fear Over Chinese Investment

VANCOUVER - An internal federal review of a decision to grant permits to a Chinese company to bring temporary foreign workers from China for its British Columbia coal mine found the company met or exc...

Surge Of Tagalog Does Not Equal Filipino Progress In Canada

The mere fact that the media has zeroed in on Tagalog as the fastest growing immigrant language, and the public's surprise of this so-called linguistic phenomenon, is telling of the social insignificance of Canada's third largest ethnic group. Sure, Filipinos are common props in fast-food restaurants, hotels and homes, but their lack of political and economic weight renders them invisible despite their large presence and 24/7 work cycles.

B.C. Foreign Workers Anger Union

The United Steelworkers Union is angry over a plan to bring in temporary Chinese workers to several coal mines in northeastern BC. About 200 Chinese nationals will be arriving in B.C. in the coming w...