Theresa Spence Attawapiskat


Spence's Partner Charged With Fraud

The former co-manager of Attawapiskat First Nation is facing fraud and theft charges, CBC News has learned. Clayton Kennedy was co-manager of the northern Ontario band’s finances from July 2010 until...

Support Rolling In From The Maritimes

A group of 50 Maritime activists is heading to Ottawa to support a hunger-striking First Nations leader. The First Nations protesters left Fredericton Monday on a bus bound for the nation's capital....

End Hunger Strike, B.C. Chief Urges

KAMLOOPS, B.C. - A First Nations leader from British Columbia is urging a northern Ontario chief to end her hunger strike aimed at winning a meeting with the prime minister and drawing attention to ab...

AWOL on Attawapiskat -- Again

Last Thursday, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs John Duncan suddenly pulled the third-party manager from Attawapiskat with a dubious statement about an improvement in bookkeeping. Guess what John? The situation hasn't gone away.

Why Can't Attawapiskat Help Itself?

Chief Spence wants no outside interference -- just more money and no questions asked or controls demanded. If any non-Aboriginal community were run the way Attawapiskat was run, there'd be a revolt among residents -- and the feds would long ago have cut off funding.