BlackBerry Tablet?

ORLANDO, Fla. - BlackBerry executives delivered a lengthy list of new announcements this week at the smartphone maker's annual conference, but the buzz has already shifted to what the company may be s...
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RIM's Much-Needed New Blood

Thorsten Heins looks like a natural choice for RIM's next CEO. He's experienced enough within RIM to understand the culture and the challenges. But he's also fresh enough, with only four of his 27 years in industry spent at RIM. He's not going to let emotion and history blind him.

RIM's Task: "Change the World. Again."

To remain relevant (and in business), RIM's going to have to do something as significant as inventing the smartphone, the touch interface, or the app store. The harsh reality is that their current strategy is broken, no matter how many times they insist that it isn't.

Who Is RIM's New CEO?

Who is Thorsten Heins? Late on Sunday, it was announced that Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, Research In Motion's co-CEOs and founders are stepping down and handing control of the company over to He...